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1:1 Mentoring Support, 45 Minutes 

Navigating the stormy sea that is Amazon can be a real challenge, especially with the myriad of TOS changes that have recently been unveiled, to the shock of many Amazon sellers. Now more than ever, clear direction is needed to ensure you are able to manoeuvre through Christmas and enter into 2018 in a winning position. 

Arabella has mentored over 200 Amazon sellers and is an experienced Amazon seller herself, so fully understands the challenges that sellers currently face. Her style is to encourage, guide and empower the seller. A firm believer in learning through action, Arabella will share screens with you on your mentoring call, implementing changes in real time.

More frequent calls can help to focus the client, as they provide weekly set targets and accountability. With the Amazon business being such a solo operation, having that regular direction can be a powerful motivator. Of course, for some clients who are time poor, monthly calls may suit best.

All calls will be recorded for you to listen back to in your own time, and following each call, you will receive email summary notes and target goals to work towards. 

Please note, if you are booking a block of calls, a maximum of one call per week and a minimum of one per month will need to be used. 
03 x Mentor Calls @ $447.00 = 5% saving 
05 x Mentor Calls @ $706.00 = 10% saving
10 x Mentor Calls @ $1334.00 = 15% saving

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