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Amazon Listing Copywriting Service for European Sellers


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Targeted Two-Email Follow Up Sequence After Purchase 

Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback after purchase. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback.

As an Amazon seller, it's critical that you mitigate the risk of customers leaving negative reviews on your product listing. Negative reviews greatly affect sales conversion and what's more, it takes 15 five star reviews to repair the damage caused by one negative review! That's why optimizing your customer follow up email sequence is so important for converting happy customers to reviewers.

If you look closely, the most successful listings on Amazon have a steady stream of reviews regularly flowing in. Reviews are like social chatter on Facebook. The more social activity there is on your listing, the more Amazon will deem your product worth promoting.

Likewise, if a listing has no reviews regularly coming in, it won't be long before Amazon tags the listing as stale. After 2-4 weeks of no reviews or 'social chatter', Amazon has already archived your listing (so to speak)!

If you think about it, Amazon is all about Making Amazon the Most Money or MAMM! They don't want products on their platform that their customers aren't talking about. Also, imagine you're a customer browsing a product listing and you see that the last review came in two months ago. Would that compel you to want to buy? Probably not.

Now imagine another scenario. You're selling a health supplement and you've just launched your product. You have no reviews, your product has been live for two weeks and you've made a handful of sales through running PPC (Amazon Sponsored Ads). Would you as a customer trust a product you're going to take internally that has no reviews? I know I wouldn't! That's why having your customer email sequence turned on from moment your product goes live is SO POWERFUL. 

There are many reasons why you should use a carefully crafted follow up email sequence:

1. As a way to engage with your customer

2. To catch any product or delivery issues 

3. To turn happy customers into reviewers

4. To prevent negative reviews on your listing

At OML we have a proven two-email follow up sequence that not only carefully matches your brand message, but also creates a positive way for you to engage with your customer base AND convert them to 5 star reviewers, all at the same time!

Say goodbye to the standard run of the mill email templates that nearly all Amazon sellers use to capture customer feedback. Say hello to a targeted email sequence that not only creates value but also initiates a quid pro quo response in your customer, helping you to build your product's credibility on the Amazon platform. 

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